About Maine Mammals of Maine

Marine Mammals of Maine (MMoME) is a fast growing non-profit organization dedicated to marine mammal and sea turtle response, rescue, care, research and education.

The non-profit was founded in 2011 by Executive Director Lynda Ada Doughty and concerned volunteers to fulfill a gap in need. It is the only organization federally authorized to carry out this work in southern and midcoast Maine.

Prior to 2011, a separate organization, Maine Department of Marine Resources held authorization for stranding response in this area but was no longer able to do so with loss of federal funding, leaving this gap in need.

With 2 staff and a dedicated volunteer team, MMoME provides expert stranding response across roughly 2,500 miles of Maine’s coastline (including islands), covering the geographic area of Kittery to Rockland.

Annually, MMoME responds to nearly 300 live and dead marine mammals and sea turtles, making it one of the busiest seal stranding areas on the east coast. We operate a 24/7 marine mammal and sea turtle reporting hotline. Through this hotline, anyone can report a stranded seal, whale, dolphin, porpoise or sea turtle to an experienced, dedicated and compassionate team ready to respond.

MMoME also operates a triage center for seals, providing short-term care for critical animals before transport to long-term care facilities. Read more about our triage center.

MMoME’s work also heavily encompasses important research to learn about marine mammals, their habitats, and human impacts on their populations.

As charismatic species and sentinels of ocean health, marine mammals represent an effective avenue to garner public attention for conservation, and cultivate environmental stewardship for Maine’s coast.

Our mission further includes extensive education and outreach to Maine’s youth, coastal communities and tourists. Promoting marine conservation and inspiring marine stewardship is a growing pillar of our work.

MMoME’s broad scope of critical work is almost entirely supported by private donations. Animal response, data collection and education are all funded in large part by donations from caring individuals like you.

Meet the MMoMe Team

Lynda Doughty Executive Founding Director

Lynda Doughty

Founding Executive Director

Lynda has led marine mammal response organizations for many years. She is the founding Executive Director for MMoME since 2011. Born and raised in Maine, Lynda always knew she wanted to work with helping marine mammals. She has provided care for thousands of animals, has opened Maine’s first seal triage center, and looks forward to providing more for marine mammals in Maine.

Her work has involved conducting whale necropsies, disentanglement, population studies, marine debris projects and sterning on lobster boats. Lynda was recognized by Portland Press Herald in 2014, as one of 10 Mainer’s to be thankful for. Lynda received her degree in marine science from Maine Maritime Academy. She also serves on the board of directors for Phippsburg Land Trust.

Dominique Walk

Dominique Walk

Assistant Stranding Coordinator

Dominique has been with MMoME since 2014, and volunteered for the organization prior to that. She graduated from College of the Atlantic in 2009 with a focus in marine mammal research and strandings. Her research interests and experience focused on human interactions with large, endangered whales, specifically underwater bioacoustics and marine industries.

She has always had a deep passion for marine mammals; researching, educating about, and providing medical care to sick and injured seals, whales, dolphins and porpoises has been her dream since childhood, and considers it a privilege to work with them. She is also a veterinary technician at an animal emergency hospital, and volunteers for an animal shelter fostering their medical patients.

David Shultz

David Shultz


David became a volunteer with Maine Department of Marine Resources’ stranding program in 2009. He continued volunteering with Marine Mammals of Maine once MMoME’s stranding agreement was approved by NOAA in 2013. Later that year, David joined the Board of Directors as Treasurer, and was elected Board Chair in 2014.

David comes to the board with almost 25 years of financial experience in the corporate world, ending with a twelve year stint with Fidelity Investments as Vice President, Finance. He has served on three other boards in the state of Maine. He also has a great love of the ocean, coastal environments, and marine life. It is this connection that fuels David’s passion for Marine Mammals of Maine’s mission.

George Sharrard_2

George Sharrad


George first interacted with Marine Mammals of Maine in 2015 as a volunteer, assisting staff with animal response, rescue and transport. He quickly transitioned to join the Board of Directors as Treasurer to continue assisting the organization. George further assists by  helping with the maintenance of MMoME’s new triage center. Though most of his time for MMoME is spent behind the scenes on a computer, he still helps with animal response and care when he can.

George comes to the board as an experienced computer programmer and business financial manager. His diverse background also includes agricultural management, cattle farming, and carpentry.


Kristina Cammen


Kristina is a marine mammal researcher with an interest in marine conservation, molecular ecology, and ocean health.  She currently teaches and conducts research at the University of Maine, Orono.  Prior to moving back to Maine three years ago, Kristina studied the health of bottlenose dolphins in Florida and gray seals in the United Kingdom.  Kristina joined MMoME’s Board of Directors in 2014 and has contributed primarily to grant-writing and building MMoME’s research program. 


Scott Edmunds


Scott is an attorney whose practice focuses on corporate and real estate transactions, including business planning and finance, residential and commercial real estate transactions, new business startups, acquisitions and sales, mergers, entity formation and restructuring, family owned businesses, land disputes, zoning issues, title searches, and issuance of title insurance policies. He joined the MMoME Board of Directors in 2014.

Lynne McGhee

Lynne McGhee


Lynne began volunteering with Marine Mammals of Maine in 2016 after MMoME opened the triage center.  Her background as a musical theater performer (seen locally at Good Theater, Portland Stage and Maine State Music Theater) led her to other roles off stage such as commercial writer/producer/voice over artist at WGME 13 and on-air radio talent at WPOR (WPOR Morning Crew, Baxter and Lynne in the Morning.)

Lynne is a passionate advocate for animals and began as a volunteer with Greenpeace over 35 years ago.  She was the Community Relations Manager for the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland and holds a certification in Animal Assisted Therapy from Oakland University’s School of Nursing.  Lynne continues to perform and enjoys public speaking, education, marketing-development, social media, photography and direct animal care.

Joanna Leary

Joanna Leary


Joanna joined the board in 2014 and has been secretary since February 2015. Joanna has a background in studying bird behavior and has an MSc in behavioral ecology from Utah State University. She then transitioned from research science to teaching. She has been teaching biology and anatomy and physiology at Falmouth High School since 1997.